Thursday, March 19, 2009


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parua bay primary school said...

I leave the syndicate and you go to the Poor Knights!! I am sooo jealous Room 10 this looks like and incredible learning journey you have been on. Well done
Mrs Green this is an invaluable experience and one which will be remembered by your students for a very long time.

Lynfa Harris


Our senior students completed an indepth study of marine reserves. We have New Zealand's newest marine reserve on our back doorstep. The enviroment we live in is extremely important to our community so we take advantage of all the wonderful things it has to offer as often as we can.

Our Hall Opening - 2006

Our Hall Opening - 2006
In 2006 our school had our official hall opening ceremony. We were very lucky to have Helen Clark, our Primeminister, to officially open our hall for us.

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